Hero Zero Game Guide

Hero Zero Game Guide


How skills work?

Character’s skills

Strength – manages devastation done to ask your personality. 1 durability equals 1 harm.

Condition – It affects our information on durability and establishes just how long you may survive in fight. a definite point = 10 condition

Intelligence – Boosts chance to inflict critical problems for our opponents

Intuition – Rises your chance to enough time blows triggered by heroes.
Increasing skills

It will rely upon personal preference. We’ve specialty area in a singular or even more skills, but relaxing advantages and disadvantages. The simplest way to increase is grow your persona in a long lasting manner.

How many % of skills in each mission?

Fight missions

Deal with missions offer better bonus products by means of silver and experience in less time. You will discover three examples of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard

Easy: Challenger skills could be typically 77.5% of your skills.

Medium: Challenger skills are typically 85% of our own skills.

Hard: Opposition skills are typically 94% of your skills.


In the event that you done 100 (without trophy) energy you’ve got 2 options: The first option is hang on to moonlight, whenever your energy will regenerate automatically. The next option is add 55 energy, using 2 doughnuts or some cash. This sort of option you can certainly do 4 times per every day.


Found in the overall game, you can sign up for or create your own team that allows us to learn with other players. The team also brings benefits through the launch of features that provide us an extra bonus by means of more energy, increase our results, or more rare metal and experience. Furthermore, they is victorious trophies that bring additional advantages to the users of the team and the team arguements.


If you are doing training, you can choose skill, what would you like to coach. Each and every training is increasing “Training belt” next point. After you done your training, your skill broadened by 5 details. Each day we’ve got 12 factors of training. Nevertheless your team has received trophy with training, every trophy provides 5 what to training points.